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All I can say is Wow.

I have to say that this weekend has been quite an experience for me.  I’ve learned quite a lot of things.  Mostly that things are probably not going to be as bad as you think.  The work I did for UVa was not as nerve-wracking as I thought it was going to be, so that’s good.  I learned that apparently when a subject is standing annoyingly close to/in front of a window, you can see them better if you put an ND filter on and open your iris waaaay up.  Also, monopods are for the steady of hand and the strong of heart.  So if you have rathe low blood pressure like me, and standing still makes you pass out more often than not, use a tripod.  I also discovered that after a few hours of carrying around my large camera, that my large camera is in fact quite heavy.  I realized that having over-ear, outside noise-canceling headphones is a blessing from heaven.  I realized that I need a bag that I carry around with me that has all of my available lenses in it. And all of my audio equipment.  I learned that a good assistant is worth their weight in gold.

Now, the Scythian concert is another matter.  I learned a lot there as well, but I hade more fun doing it.  I learned that if you shoot a video for the main band, you get an all access pass and you get to sit in the VIP section while you wait for them to go on.  That was pretty awesome let me tell you.  I learned that I should check what lenses I have on what cameras before I start doing things.  I learned that probably for concerts, a telephoto lens is most likely they best bet. I learned that if I’m going to be in the crowd while I’m doing videography, I should  probably wear ear plugs.  Right now I’m fairly deaf.  It’s a good thing I’m young and I have young ears that will bounce back from this, but if I keep doing this (which wouldn’t be so bad) my ears aren’t always going to bounce back, so I”m going to need earplugs. Also, you should bring every available tripod that you have just in case.  Really, if possible, bring all of the equipment that you have no matter what, even if you think you won’t need it, you’ll have it there just in case.  Some other interesting things I learned is that even if you’re dressed like a videographer and carrying a camera, drunk guys will still try to hit on you, and that standing room only crowds aren’t the best place to try to shoot video from.  I think I have a few lumps on the back of my head from where people were hitting me.

Regardless of all of this, I had a blast.  When I was actually working, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I was super nervous before both projects, but I guess when I go into work mode, all of that just melts away and I focus on the task at hand. Like making sure no one spilled beer on my camera.  You know what would have been fantastic for the concert? A crane rig. I don’t think the club would have liked it though, it would probably mess with their aesthetic.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens when I try to edit all of this together, so far I’ve only imported all of the sound and video, now we’ll see if I can make something decent out of it. Until next time.


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