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First Time by Myself

So I did my first job all by myself.  By that I mean I had no assistant, and my father wasn’t part of the program so he could follow me around and help me.  It wasn’t a very long job, but it was ok.  I realized that I like having an assistant.  Mostly it’s so that I don’t have to carry all of my equipment by myself.  The trouble is that if I were just bringing the equipment I actually use, it probably wouldn’t be so bad.  But I like to prepare for every scenario, so I bring all of my back up stuff, and it piles up.  Still, it wasn’t so bad, it was a short job and it was easy, so there was nothing surprising or annoying to deal with.  Every event I go to I become better and better prepared, and it shows in my work.  It makes me happy that I can still do a good job but at the same time, I’m still learning and can do an even better job later.


Now I’m super excited because I have a new job which I am super excited about and I can’t wait to get started on.  It’s a steady job which will give me work until April because it is for a class.  I can’t wait to get started on it because I really want to impress these people so they will hire me again.


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