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Recent New Learnings

So I’ve learned a few new things recently.  Firstly, if you promise your boyfriend that you’re going to do a creative video project for him, do it right away, because he will begin to gripe about every other creative project that you’re working on that isn’t his.  Also, I’ve learned that I need to bring my monopod for every project that I go to.  I have this giant 70-400 lens that is pretty heavy and it makes me nervous to just leave it hanging off my camera without any support.  It even has a place to attach a tripod, so I’ve decided that I need to bring one with me to support it as well as one for my camera.  


Oh, and I finally finished my cousin’s wedding that I hated so much.  I didn’t hate my cousin or the wedding.  I hated the filming job that I did with it because it was pretty terrible.  Also the sound was awful. And to top it all off it was in SD 4:3.  Yay.  Well, at least he’ll have it now.


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