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I think the hardest part of any project is just sitting down and actually starting it. At least that’s what it is for me. I get all of these great ideas for new projects or scenes I want to turn into short films and such, but the hardest part is to sit down and start fleshing it all out. Once I’ve made myself sit and actually do it, then it flows pretty easy from there (unless you get writer’s block). It could also be the fact that while I love filmmaking and telling stories through moving pictures, I hate writing. It’s one of my greatest stumbling blocks as a filmmaker. I wish I were better at being able to articulate the pictures I have in my head into words and then have them all form a coherent story. I find, though, that if you sit there long enough and just keep writing until it makes sense, it can work out pretty well. Then of course you have to go back and edit out the nonsense you thought was great at 3 am.


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