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I was at a women’s leadership conference this past weekend. Apparently since I’m a young female entrepreneur I’m supposed to be a role model or something. So they had me give a talk about what it was like to be an entrepreneur and why I decided to do what I do. It apparently turned out pretty great. Although I think that if I’m going to keep doing these things, I should probably have a video to bring with me. I felt a little weird because I guess I feel odd playing up my job when I make very little money and no one trusts me really because I”m so new in my field. Also running a small business is annoying, and hard, and boring. I hate the business part of it, I don’t have a business brain, I enjoy more the creative side, naturally. Also, there was a bit of a problem because a lot of the girls were too young to even know what the word entrepreneur means. Half of them were in kindergarten. A little crazy. Still, they asked me, I did it, and that’s that. Hopefully I inspired some girls to pursue a life of difficulty and poverty. Just kidding. I love my job, even if it does suck sometimes.


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